Complete Ear, Nose, & Throat Care

Trust the expertise of Dr. Andrew J. Dadagian, MD Inc. to take care of your ear, nose, and throat issues. Dr. Dadagian is based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and provides comprehensive care, nose, and throat care for patients of all ages. 


• Hearing Testing
• Tinnitus
• Ear Wax and Impacted Ear Wax Removal
• Ear Surgery, including Tube Insertions, Middle
   Ear Surgery, Ear Polyp Removal, and Biopsies

• Vertigo-Balance Disorders
• Hearing Aids & Fitting
   Products by Starkey Hearing Technologies)
• Custom Ear Plugs
• And More

• Allergy Issues
• Airway and Sinus Problems
• Nose Surgery, including Nasal Polyp Removal,
  Deviated Septum, and Biopsies
• Smell and Taste Disorders
• Nose Bleeds and Cautery
• Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
• And More
• Choking
• Hoarseness
• Surgery for Tonsil and Adenoid
   Removal as Well as Biopsies
• Coughing
• Voice Concerns
• Vocal Cord Disorders and Fatigue
• And More
• Swallowing Issues
• Pain When Speaking
• Feeling of Throat Closing Up
• Throat Clearing
• Throat and Neck Cancer
• Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Contact us to receive a diagnosis and treatment for your ear, nose, or throat condition.